Who are we ?

Since we always like to learn, create and launch challenges, that is why one day we pointed us to the French Cup of Robotics. Since then, and thanks to our different specialities (computer and electronic), we have found fun in the design of robots, now this is a real passion.

What we do ?

Every year we participate to the French Robotics Cup that takes place in May. This event allows us to design a robot at least a year, but especially meet other people and share advice and knowledge with them.
But also we try get out our own challenges, as our AT-AT from Star Wars Galactic Empire, our robotic spiders Arakna, and our large domestic projects or humanoid robotics TY3 TY5.

You are welcome !

This web page serves us to present our complete robots. We accept all criticism and comment from you. If you are also interested by robotic, do not stop to contact us for advice and experiences change us !